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Bonding is a great way to quickly fix a tooth with a chip or stain on it. This procedure can be done in about an hour and most often without the need for anesthesia. Many insurance plans pay for this procedure at 80%!

These bonded resin composites were placed without the need for any anesthesia

Karen – She chipped her front teeth. These bonded resin composites were placed without the need for any anesthesia. Patient was thrilled to have her smile back..

Chelse – had some areas of decalcification (these spots are early cavities which develop at a slow rate and are usually stained or are very white). She wanted us to fix the front 2 teeth and her lower laterals.  She was very pleased to have this procedure done so quickly.  “Why did I wait so long with my teeth like they were?”

Dental Veneers

Veneers can improve your smile in ways you may not have imagined. Sometimes called instant orthodontics. This procedure can whiten, straighten, fix chipped or discolored teeth and close gaps in as few are 2 appointments.

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Sandy  – had crowding on her upper front teeth and years ago had bondings placed. However these large bondings chipped and stained easily. We covered her front 4 teeth. She has been so pleased with her results and is always seen smiling! (You may recognize her smile on another part of the website with the children – she is their grandmother and our nanny!)

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Kayla – had smaller front teeth. She had Invisalign to close the front teeth gap and we only placed veneers on her laterals. She is so pleased with the results and can’t believe they are her teeth.

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Diane – had orthodontics (braces) and was diligent about home care and wearing her retainers. However, since she had recession her teeth wouldn’t whiten like she wanted them to. She also had a cant on the front teeth that although they were straight, the neck and the tip of the tooth were not in a straight line. She was an excellent patient traveling from 3 hours away to see us and have her teeth custom shaded by the lab to get exactly what she wanted. She was always beautiful but now she feels fabulous too!

Crown and Bridge

If you are missing a tooth, have a large cavity or have a large crack or broken tooth, then crown or bridge work may be what you are looking for.


Clara – had old bonding and bridges which needed to be replaced. She was sure what she wanted and showed us photos of how she looked as a young adult. “I don’t want tiny teeth – that’s not how my teeth were.” She was very pleased with her results.

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Ed – had a number of areas giving him trouble for years. When he was finally ready he was a wonderful patient for us. He was so happy to have repaired and restored his upper teeth after all these years.

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Debe – we used all-porcelain crowns to repair her broken front teeth. She was very happy to not see the black margins at the gumline that some patients associate with traditional crowns.

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