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Toothpast and toothbrush for brushing teeth

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is quick, painless and a great esteem builder.
This one simple procedure can help shave 10 years off your smile!
Here are some before and after photos of our patients who have seen great results with bleaching:
Jim before Jim after
Jim - before and after
Ray before Ray after
Ray - before and after

Types of Teeth Whitening:
In-Office with Sinsational Whitening: 38%  - 20 minutes!
Daytime: 32%  - 3 min/day for 1-2 weeks
Crest Whitening Strips Supreme -  30 min/day for about 3 weeks

Why such short treatment times?
We have found that these quicker whitening gels deliver nearly the same results but with the convenience ANYONE can take advantage of.

How are the dental products different than what I can get in the pharmacy or on TV?
Safer and faster - Controlled dosage and custom-made trays protect teeth and gums, lowering sensitivity and improving results. Higher concentrations are available in the dental office for faster results.  Over-the-counter bleaching products have to be weaker in case a patient applies the gel to an undiagnosed cavity.

Crest Whitening Strips are available over the counter at a lower percentage and with fewer strips in each box.  The Supreme kit available in the dental office is three times as strong and contains 84 strips - allowing for a brighter smile more quickly leaving more strips to save for touch-ups or to share with friends or family!

Are there risks involved?
With smokers we recommend cessation for the whole time you are bleaching - to avoid an increase in oral cancer associated with smoking and free radical oxygen. We also recommend pregnant women avoid whitening. To make the results last longer, permanent smoking cessation is even better.  We love when patients use whitening as an incentive to quit smoking all together!

A few patients report having some sensitivity that resolves within a few minutes to a day or two. Avoid tartar control toothpaste when bleaching, due to an increase in sensitivity. We also recommend to our patients with sensitive teeth to use Sensodyne Toothpaste or have a fluoride treatment just before bleaching teeth and have found great results.

Once I bleach my teeth, how can I keep them their whitest?
Touch-up - you can touch-up the bleaching with a few days of the Crest strips or the tray gels whenever you need it.  Every 6 months after your cleaning is the best time to do it.  Some people who consume lots of coffee may want to bleach every 3 months or so.

Avoid staining foods, drinks, and smoking - foods and drinks that stain your clothes, will stain your teeth. Drinks like cranberry juice, coffee, tea, red wine, grape juice and foods with tomato sauce or betelnut.

Whitening toothpaste - to help keep stains from setting in the first place, use a whitening toothpaste such as Sensodyne Whitening, Crest Extra Whitening, or Rembrandt Dazzling White toothpaste each day.  Using a whitening floss (Johnson and Johnson) helps remove stains from between your teeth.

Regularly scheduled cleanings at the dental office are a great way to remove the stains and the tartar to allow those pearly whites to shine!

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