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The clearly invisible way to straight teeth

Whether you have minor corrections of crowding or spaces, or need to move your teeth more, Invisalign is a great choice! 


Jess - had some rotation, crowding and spaces. Some minor contouring was also performed. Her case was completed in 5 months.


Cynthia  - her teeth were crowded to the point where they were overlapping. Her case took less than two years and did not require any metal wires or brackets.



What is it? 
“Invisible Braces”.  It is  a series of computer-designed removable clear plastic trays which straighten and align teeth. The company,  Align Technologies, is based here in Santa Clara County.

How does Invisalign work?
Patients wear the plastic trays for at least 22 hours a day, taking them out only at meal times and while brushing and flossing.  There is a series of trays; each progressively moving the teeth about 0.25 mm every 2 weeks.

Will it work on everybody?
Invisalign can work on most cases of crowding, spacing, and rotations.  It is currently only approved for use on patients with all their adult teeth (therefore, we cannot use it on children with mixed       dentition). 

How long does it take?
Treatment time can vary between 6 and 18 months, most cases take only 12 months.

It looks like a bleaching tray, what is the difference?
Although it looks similar to a bleaching tray, it is very different.  It starts with a very exact impression of your teeth which is scanned into a computer.  A software program uses this information along with our prescription to form a 3D computer-simulated moving model.  The final result is sent to us electronically and the case is reviewed by you and the doctor.  Once approved, we order the series of trays which the computer generates through CAD-CAM technology. 

Are there any patients this can’t help?
Patients with jaw discrepancies (severe overbite or underbite) may not be candidates for Invisalign.    Invisalign works by moving teeth.  If jaws are misaligned then surgery and conventional braces        would give the best results.   Also patients with any primary (baby) teeth are not candidates at this time.

What is the difference with conventional braces?
Conventional orthodontics work by moving all the teeth attached to the wire out and then bringing      them into position. Most cases can take 24 months.  The computer-generated Invisalign trays allow us to maintain the position of the teeth which don’t need to be moved, thereby shortening the treatment time.

Can Invisalign make a difference with the treatment I already need?
If you are considering veneers on your front teeth to lengthen and close spaces or implants or bridges to fill in a space where a tooth was lost, Invisalign can be a great benefit.  It can help to properly align teeth, giving a much more stable bite and better esthetics.  In some cases, the space can be closed with Invisalign, thus ending the need for other treatment in that area.

If you have any other questions not answered her or to see if you are a candidate ask us about a  free-consult. 


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